The Icefields Parkway in the Rocky Mountains has been voted one of the most scenic routes to drive in the world! And I can see why! Despite James having to drive for over 6 hours on this day, it was not a chore whatsoever.

Every twist and turn in the road provides you with another breathtaking view…

We set off from our hotel in Lake Louise and made it as far North as the beautiful Sunwapta Falls (with stops in between) before turning back – a 360km round trip. We even spotted a grizzly bear! The route is famous for seeing some of Canada’s most iconic wildlife.


The Athabasca Glacier is the most visited Glacier in North America, and is one of the six principal glaciers that make up the Colombia Icefield. It is receding at a rate of 5 metres a year, so you’d better visit sooner rather than later!

We parked up at the visitor centre (free) and bought our tickets. We opted for the ticket which included a visit to the Glacier Skywalk too.

They were $99 each, so a little on the expensive side, but it’s a once in a lifetime trip so you can’t put a price on it really!

After a 5 minute coach journey, you are transferred onto a ‘Brewster Ice Explorer’ vehicle to take you the rest of the way to the glacier.

Some facts:

  • The Ice Explorer will take you down the 2nd steepest unpaved road in North America at a gradient of 36%.
  • Each tyre of the vehicle alone costs $6,000, and it costs $1.3m for the whole truck!
  • The glacier is the only one in the world to feed the Atlantic, Pacific, AND Arctic oceans!
  • Glaciers can be quite slippy!!! Hold onto whoever you are with, at least then you will fall over together haha!

We had about half an hour to take in the views – and the bitter winds!

Remember: Take an empty water bottle with you so you can try some glacial water for yourself – it is the best I have ever tasted!




After exploring the glacier we returned to the coach and headed to the Glacier Skywalk.

If you are scared of heights, this will probably not be your favourite part of the day! I found it pretty terrifyng but exhilerating at the same time.

The coach driver reassured us with the fact that each square inch of the glass can hold 10,000lb of weight, so all of the chips I had eaten on this tripĀ  suddenly worried me a lot less!

We spotted some mountain goats whilst on the skywalk too, apparently a family of them always hang around there!


After completing the Glacier Adventure Tour, we headed a little further North to see Sunwapta Falls:

We were treated to a rainbow too:

If you’re planning a trip through the Rocky Mountains, the Icefields Parkway and Colombia Icefield is a must!

Thank you for reading!

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