I still can’t quite believe it, even though our wedding date is booked already!

This post has been a long time coming but it has been a bit of a whirlwind couple of months! On Instagram, a lot of you voted that you’d be interested to read some wedding content, so here goes!


On the evening of 21st September 2018 James asked me ‘the question’ and made me the happiest girl in the world. We went for a walk along the coast close to where we live, there was nobody there but us and it was perfect!

What I didn’t realise though that it wasn’t without complications – by me! They are all things which we look back on and laugh about but I now realise James was probably super stressed by them at the time! Oops!

It was the night before our trip to Iceland and James suggested we practice using our new drone before taking it on our trip. I was more than happy to, so getting me there was easy.



1. After a busy day at work, I wanted to chill for a bit when I got home rather than rush out. He wasn’t having any of it and told me to get changed and get out basically! (Worrying that it would get dark or rain etc.) J hates sitting still or not doing anything so this didn’t ring any alarm bells for me. I put it down to excitement for our trip as we had both been wanting to visit Iceland for such a long time. I did however have a prescription to pick up from Boots before we flew the next day so I said lets go and get that first before we practice the drone…

2. Fast forward to Boots and they said it was a 15 minute wait. I said that was fine and went to tell James who was in the car. He did seem a little irritated by it but didn’t really comment, just sat tight! We only had to wait for less than 10 in the end, so the plan was still on track as far as J was concerned…

The moment we told our best friends the news!

3. Fast forward to the engagement location, where we started to use the drone. Soon enough we realised that we had forgotten to bring a memory card, so we couldn’t record any footage! Now this REALLY wound James up, and he’s normally really chilled. It did surprise me a little but I still hadn’t guessed the proposal was on it’s way. I was trying to reassure him that it really didn’t matter about the memory card as it wouldn’t have beaten our Iceland footage anyway and we never would have watched it back…


…so it turns out we most definitely WOULD have watched it back because his plan was obviously to record the proposal! 🙁 I felt terrible but we did end up laughing it off. We still have our own memory of it and that’s just as special.

I love that he proposed somewhere that we can go back to – and we have done already. When he asked me I cried, and when we went back I cried too! I wonder if it will happen every time – probably!!

Wedding planning is well underway, I’ll update you on that in another post!

Couple looking over Peyto Lake

Oh, I forgot to tell you about ‘the surprise’!…


One of our favourite songs has always been ‘September’ by Earth, Wind & Fire.

Nearing the end of our trip in Iceland, it came on the radio so we started singing along as usual. We soon realised that the first line is ‘Do you remember the 21st night of September?’ – the night he proposed!

It’ll definitely be a favourite song forever now, and certainly one for the wedding playlist!

Newly engaged

There will be more wedding content coming soon!

But for now you may want to check out my travel guides:



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