Last month James & I booked a last minute trip to Marrakech. It was a time for us to really chill out before the wedding as we won’t be able to have a honeymoon for a while. It felt strange not doing our usual active holiday and we had to force ourselves to relax but felt so much better for it.


As a result, it was the first trip in years and years where I didn’t spend almost the whole time taking photos & planning blog posts. We did do a couple of short trips away from the hotel though, and I thought I would share some photos with you.


We had heard mixed reviews about Marrakech before we went and have arrived back home with mixed feelings too. We are glad we went (it was my first time in Africa too), and the market was definitely an interesting experience however we wouldn’t necessarily tell anyone ‘you have to go to Morocco’.

Unfortunately we did see some animal cruelty as we had been warned about, and I find it very hard to see.

Jardín Majorelle was a beautiful place to visit, designed by the late great YSL. It only took about an hour to go round so you don’t need to allow a whole day for it.

Here are some of my favourite photos from our trip:

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